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Hens nesting box

The best hens nesting box for your hens. Chosen and appreciated by all poultry farmers. More comfort and elegance to your chicken coop

This rollaway metal nesting box has a unique design which encourages your hens to lay eggs in chicken coop boxes for laying eggs.Made of heavy duty galvanized steel, the Kinchoix chicken laying boxes is quite safe,durable and not easy to landslip. Keep the hatched eggs dry and clean and provide better environment for hens to increase yield….


This roll-away metal nesting box has a unique design which encourages your precious eggs to roll forward underneath the secure lid where they will remain intact until you are ready to collect…..


Brower Equipment metal chicken nesting boxes for hens available in 4, 6, and 10 hole models. Nest has ventilation holes in partitions for fresh air flow. Easy to assemble and nest bottoms are removable for easy cleaning and litter replacement. Double bolted perches are hinged to allow closing. Nests can be staggered back to back to prevent hens from passing between tiers. All exposed edges are folded to prevent injury…..


Roamwild Chicken feeder is automatically rat proof, there are no settings to adjust. Stop rats, mice & large birds stealing your precious chicken food. Ideal for feeding a flock of 4 to 6 per feeder. Designed to feed layers pellets and any corn seed mix…..


Grandpa’s Feeders provide a protected way of feeding your backyard chickens on demand. Many customers tell us that their Grandpa’s Feeder paid for itself in its first year simply by cutting down on their poultry food bill, not to mention the time saved not having to rush home to feed their chickens every day. *Please note these feeders are not designed or suitable or safe for baby chickens……


ChiPak Automatic Chicken Feeder with Timer, 25LB Capacity Stainless Steel Poultry Feeders W/ 4 Sets of Timer Settings,Waterproof Cover, Anti-Mouse Net for 6-12 Chickens……


ZenxyHoC chicken nesting box have been specially designed. It provides hens with a clean, comfortable, secure and sheltered space to lay eggs, so they feel safe and secure, thus increasing their egg production rate. It is a very durable, stable and easy to assemble nesting box that will last for a long time…..


Plastic coop with unique ramp design, the hen after laying eggs automatically into the nest box, this set of nest box will let your hen do not eat eggs in the nest. You can also use a nest mat with small holes to better filter dirt and feces, ensuring a clean, dry surface for fresh eggs……..